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Fuck you, HSC.

The Bored of Studies can go fuck themselves. The HSC measures nothing but how well you can do with the situation you’re put in: when your exams are, which questions they happen to give you, etc.

When I first started Modern History I was horrendous… I could barely write an essay (being generous) and I was getting marks in the 50s. Over the last two years I’ve worked my ass off and gradually improved my marks, so by the time trials came I was able to get 86%, and I was over the moon. Looking back at my old exams I thought “holy shit I’m 100x better at this than I used to be!” and I was really proud.

However, due to my shitty exam timetable giving me three exams in a row (with a weekend break between my 2nd last exam and my last exam- modern) I effectively have two days to study for it. I’m so fucking upset that I’m going to get a shit mark and all my hard work has gone to waste just because some cunt doesn’t know how to organise standardised testing: it’s not standardised if some people have an advantage over others you fucking momo.

Just… fuck. Hopefully I can get lucky with the questions or the next 2 days will be magical and I’ll be able to retain everything I read.


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I really struggled in choosing the name for my blog, especially as I haven’t blogged before. Basically, some people tend to see me as really intellectual because of the topics/concepts I talk about. Initially I never really agreed, however over time I’ve kind of come to accept that “yeah maybe I am smarter than the average teen.” However, I feel like this is a really pseudo-intellectual realisation to have, and hence I see my self as a pseudo-intellectual, especially because of the ‘smart’ things I say are just regurgitated from where I read them. Not only this, but I feel like realising that I’m pseudo-intellectual is also a really pseudo intellectual thing to do, and hence I get into a bit of a loop and start to think of how incoherent/ignorant I really am. Fuck.

My reason for blogging is basically, because of my need to be intellectually superior, whenever I see stupid shit said/done I have an immense urge to say something. This will, hopefully, be my place to express those angsty moments away from my angry Facebook-acquaintances that berate me for hating religion and holding different political views to them. 



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