The Bored of Studies can go fuck themselves. The HSC measures nothing but how well you can do with the situation you’re put in: when your exams are, which questions they happen to give you, etc.

When I first started Modern History I was horrendous… I could barely write an essay (being generous) and I was getting marks in the 50s. Over the last two years I’ve worked my ass off and gradually improved my marks, so by the time trials came I was able to get 86%, and I was over the moon. Looking back at my old exams I thought “holy shit I’m 100x better at this than I used to be!” and I was really proud.

However, due to my shitty exam timetable giving me three exams in a row (with a weekend break between my 2nd last exam and my last exam- modern) I effectively have two days to study for it. I’m so fucking upset that I’m going to get a shit mark and all my hard work has gone to waste just because some cunt doesn’t know how to organise standardised testing: it’s not standardised if some people have an advantage over others you fucking momo.

Just… fuck. Hopefully I can get lucky with the questions or the next 2 days will be magical and I’ll be able to retain everything I read.


One concept I’ve been thinking about lately is the fact that an incredibly large amount of people cannot afford the basic cost of living; food, shelter, and utilities are all inaccessible to a large percentage of the population. Now how the fuck does that happen in a society that humans themselves have constructed? It’s not like the modern world is natural and the evolution of the earth started off with structures and networks and insurance and taxes and interest rates; we, as humans, have invented and applied these concepts.

If you build a home, you expect to be able to live in it; it’s your home. So why is it that, if we have constructed an entire world for ourselves to live in, so many of us can’t live in it? Is it our fault? Have people not been taught how to utilise what they have efficiently? Or is it the fault of those upper class, top-of-the-food-chain, dominating members of society that wish to further their own resources and wealth? Perhaps it’s the fault of a string of errors made by imperfect humans. Or is it that the concept was flawed to begin with? Is it even possible to have an even (or at least fair) distribution of wealth without plunging ourselves into a communist abyss akin to North Korea (all praise dear leader, he is mighty)?

I think it’s possible that all of these factors come into play. It’s increasingly obvious to me that young adults don’t know how to use their resources efficiently, for example, they don’t know how to acquire the correct food (cheap, nutritious) and use it to create substantial dishes. The top “1 percent” can be seen to hog the nation’s wealth (specifically looking at the US here, but the same can be applied to other western countries). People like Mitt Romney “believe” that if they can create more jobs and more opportunities and more money for the rich, then in turn those people will create the same for the middle class/poor, and that the wealth will “trickle down”. Whether or not they actually believe this is a different story, however the concept is capitalist bullshit. Additionally, this also brings up another factor- education.

It’s often said the education is the key to solving problems such as poverty, which is probably a fair statement. However, there’s a difference between being educated and not being ignorant, something which a lot of our politicians and people who hold power haven’t grasped. In the Allegory of the Cave, Plato puts forward a point that only philosophers have the ability to become rulers.

Plato tells us that the freed man, having seen the truth, will return to tell his former companions what he has experienced. Plato also thinks they won’t believe him, will abuse him for his foolishness, and will kill him if he tries to free others. Nevertheless, for Plato it is the duty of the enlightened to try and convince the endarkened of the deception they suffer under; and he goes on to explain why the philosopher, who has knowledge of the Good, should rule over those who do not have such knowledge.

-Edward Fraser, in the May/June 2012 edition of Philosophy Now

In conclusion, the world is a scary as fuck place to live in, so get a good education, keep an open mind, learn how to cook, clean, DIY, and don’t be a dick.

I really struggled in choosing the name for my blog, especially as I haven’t blogged before. Basically, some people tend to see me as really intellectual because of the topics/concepts I talk about. Initially I never really agreed, however over time I’ve kind of come to accept that “yeah maybe I am smarter than the average teen.” However, I feel like this is a really pseudo-intellectual realisation to have, and hence I see my self as a pseudo-intellectual, especially because of the ‘smart’ things I say are just regurgitated from where I read them. Not only this, but I feel like realising that I’m pseudo-intellectual is also a really pseudo intellectual thing to do, and hence I get into a bit of a loop and start to think of how incoherent/ignorant I really am. Fuck.

My reason for blogging is basically, because of my need to be intellectually superior, whenever I see stupid shit said/done I have an immense urge to say something. This will, hopefully, be my place to express those angsty moments away from my angry Facebook-acquaintances that berate me for hating religion and holding different political views to them.